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Does the Nike+iPod module allow you to test new variables, like calories and sleep?
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How can technology to monitor heart rate rule the runner?

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I'm interested in ways that technology can limit us if we're not careful, rather than help us uniformly. One such example is when runners who use a heart monitor soon become fixated on the monitor [1] while they are running. In a real sense, they run to the monitor rather than to the signals of their body.

Before knee and hip problems derailed my runs, I loved when my body cried for me to push myself. I can certainly see how the technology could get in the way of those moments if you become too fixated on the number rather than the feeling. Besides, the path to lowering a heart rate is likely variable and susceptible to non-monitored factors, for example diet and rest. Hopefully these devices provide methods of tracking linear trends. And how neat would it be to add new variables and run regressions on your running data?



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