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Can I include links in a knug or does all content have to be listed here?

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Links are tricky because of spam. Those darn script kiddies!

We're using the Wikipedia idea: open bracket - number - closed bracket [1] in context to recognize links (coming soon!). Then at the bottom of each knug, you can simply associate the number with the link (see below).

We will be activating links once a user has some level of reputation. The idea is if you show what you know on a certain topic and the community recognizes that to some extent, then the links will automatically become active. That's hopefully just enough of a hurdle to prevent spammers from getting a foothold.

We are working on "knowhi for blogs" so that any questions you answer on your blog also get added to knowhi while you get a nice, and nifty (if we do say so ourselves!), wordberg for showing all the great stuff you know. For now though, we need all the content at to refine and improve everything we're trying to do. We understand that this may force some of you to post the same content in two places and you can be assured we're working hard to make things easier. Please let us know when we fail.



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