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Can two-way stars, hitting and pitching, thrive in Major League Baseball?

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- This interesting article by Spencer_Fordin [1] really makes me think about brain specialization and whether excelling at even slightly different things is generally possible.

::: It's an age-old baseball dilemma that dates all the way back to Babe Ruth if not beyond, and still there is little or no unanimity on how to deal with prospects that thrive as both pitchers and hitters. Most teams have thrown up their hands and asked players to specialize, believing that two-way success is an impossibility.

But is it really? Two-way stars abound in high school and college, and many of the top Major Leaguers were scouted as both pitchers and hitters....Why, then, do teams insist on projecting players before they even play professionally? Is it possible for a player to progress through the lower levels of the Minor Leagues while both pitching and hitting? And if it is, what kind of organizational advantage would it afford a team willing to go through with the experiment? :::

- Check it out:


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