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What is a ping?

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"Ping" is one of those great words whose sound almost implies its meaning. In social vernacular, a ping is a short digital notification like an Instant Message or an email. In sonar, a ping is an ultrasonic pulse whose echo response time is a measure of the distance to surrounding objects. In computer science, a ping is similar to the sonar definition except instead of sending a pulse into the environment, a network package is sent to a target host. Network operators send "echo request" packets to the target host and listen for "echo response" replies [1].

A ping here at knowhi combines these definitions. Users send out short digital blips in the form of questions, or pings, to get an answer back from other users. A ping can be sent via email to a person you know or can be asked from a knug someone has already written. The cycle completes itself when a ping becomes a knug.



Can I ping another knowhi user with a new question, that's unrelated to an existing knug, if I don't know their email address?
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