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What is a fork?

resonance: 40.5% from: knowhi

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..." -R. Frost

Besides being a fairly useful utensil, a "fork" has several distinct meanings. In UNIX, the fork() function starts a new child process from the parent process. The child process inherits a copy of the parent's data and a new process results from the initial one. Alternatively, in software engineering a fork results when source code, originating from a common code base, is developed in two or more significantly different directions. Then there is the old "fork in the road" metaphor that, for me, conjures up memories of grade-school recitations of Robert Frost.

Although these definitions vary, the main theme is divergence from a common stem. Forking a knug at knowhi is similar. It is a way of taking the answer to a question, and even the question itself, in a new direction while recognizing that the new knug retains conceptual or topical imprints of the initial knug.

Ideas are refined and concepts are sharpened as they continue to fork and branch. So if you realize while reading this knug that it could be better or more clear if it were written differently or if the question was phrased differently, then you know what to do - just "fork" it!


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