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Why was the Beckett trade a loss for the Red_Sox?

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[This [1]] ranking made me think of the Josh Beckett trade that seems to be a success based on delivering an ace to the Boston pitching staff and a world championship with it.

As a refresher, the Florida Marlins sent Beckett, Mike Lowell and Guillermo Mota to the Red_Sox for minor leaguers Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Harvey Garcia and Jesus Delgado.

Lowell was coming off a bad overpriced year at the age of 31 and it seemed his best days were behind him but with significant salary remaining. Beckett, was the anchor of the Marlins's 2003 championship and was approaching free agency. The organization needed to cut payroll to retrench for a new stadium in South Florida.

Ramirez was generally thought to be a top prospect, ranking in Baseball America's top 100 for three years running [2] from 2003 to 2005. But as sometimes happens, an organization sees attitude problems and with his performance lagging it's a bit easier to doubt if he'd ever reach his All-World potential. The deal was made on November 24, 2005 while Red_Sox GM Theo Epstein was on hiatus working out his conflicting feelings for club president Larry Lucchino.

The general reaction was one of joy for Red_Sox fans as they seemed to have obtained a top-tier starting pitcher for a bunch of guys most had never heard of. Gordon Edes sumed up the response from Beantown by writing in the Boston Globe that "getting Beckett stands alone as a cause for celebration, because he is the type of pitcher who could have a Curt Schilling-like effect on the Sox' fortunes, for a Pedro Martinez-like period of time..."

Many Sox fans still defend the move by pointing out the roles of Beckett and Lowell in Red_Sox 2007 championship. The problem is Ramirez is a perennial All-Star at the most important position providing yearly offense among the best in baseball. He's a shortstop that would have solidified the position not just for one championship but for a dynasty. Instead, the Red_Sox had to sign Julio Lugo.




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