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Why knowhi?

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When we search the web it’s hard to know who is behind the information you find and how reliable they are. Worse for learning, unless you already have sufficient knowledge to navigate the terrain of blogs, forums, and individual pages, who can you trust and how can you learn to depend on them? The less you know, the more you need human intelligence.

Knowhi is a knowledge community to find what you need to know and who knows it best. It blends the best of wikis, forums, blogs, and similar sites. We build easy to use tools to share what you know and to enable you to learn from other people who have shown what they know. Here, learning is made interesting by focusing on the varied nuances and common themes in what humanity knows and how our interests divide and unite us.

We’re founding knowhi as a y-profit (why profit?). Revenues will be used to advance our technologies to optimize learning and to support non-profit educational initiatives around the world. As you gain and share knowledge with knowhi, we will fill knowledge gaps in people of all ages and nationalities. So tell us, what do you know?


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