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What is knowhi?

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We're a learning engine that shows you who knows what and how much they know in different topic areas. You can contribute "known nuggets", or knugs, through questions you can answer. These information packets are our building blocks for learning based on principles of cognitive science.

For each knug, we determine a resonance score in which our algorithms gradually compute how well-written and well-received the knug is and whether it resonates with like minds. This resonance score appears as a percentage (out of 100%) next to the central question of each knug. This score also changes the color of the question from dark blue to white with increasing resonance.

Along with the initial resonance score, when you write a knug we automatically extract keywords from the text to populate a wordberg for you and, if your words resonate, to update the community's wordberg on the front page. The size of each word in a wordberg reflects how much has been written about it across and within the relevant knugs. The wordbergs also provide a simple tool for navigation and exploration. With each click you can drill deeper into related concepts.

Our technologies in words and resonance will continue to get better and more accurate as we contribute more and more of our knowledge. We're now connecting and training the computations of an infant mind. Bear with us and watch as it grows and learns throughout its maturation. You are the best teacher of what you know.


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