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How do you write a good knug?

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A good knug starts with a good question. A good question is brief and to the point. It frames what you're trying to say and adds nothing more. If you're having trouble coming up with questions, imagine yourself standing in front of a large, perhaps worldwide, audience. What are questions the audience can ask that you can provide an answer to? If you find that your answer is veering away from the original question don't be afraid to rewrite the question. Writing good questions takes a little time but you'll soon get the hang of it. The more questions that you ask of others the more you'll also learn what makes a good question, especially when you get a good answer!

We recommend shorter knug answers that take around one minute to read. Knugs of this length are easier to write and easier to learn from. If you find you have more to say, write more knugs! We'll be introducing features that tie knugs together into larger stacks of knowledge. Don't forget that each knug also provides an opportunity for you to connect with people on the topic. So the more knugs you write the more you'll watch the community's knowledge grow based on the directions you're most interested in.

A few tips as you write a knug:

- To keep two or more words in a concept linked together in your wordberg, use underscores to link the words (e.g., world_wide_web, cognitive_development). Words like "anti-virus" can use hyphens as normal.

- To associate your knug with a specific word in your wordberg, be sure to use that word in proportion to its importance. For instance, if you want to tell the world about your love of "blickets", write the central question as "Why do I love blickets?" and be sure to mention blickets, and the reasons why you love them, in the answer.

More than anything, don't forget to have fun with what most interests you and through asking questions of like, and other interesting, minds. We're always learning something here and you are what you know!


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