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What is resonance?

resonance: 34.1% from: knowhi

Resonance is our metric for determining how well-received each knug is. It quickly shows how much you can rely on that knug for the information contained based on how much that knug resonates with the community. Resonance ranges from 0-100%. As a knug's resonance increases the color of the question gradually changes from dark blue to white.

Resonance is computed from knug usage statistics and text-based analyses. These factors measure a knug by how well-written it is, the reception by the community, and how much it resonates with like minds. When you initially save a knug, the resonance instantly computes how readable it is. As the knug is used by the community, its resonance gradually matures in importance. If a knug is particularly good, users will click on the lightbulb underneath the central question to indicate their admiration. Finally, the resonance takes into account the new questions that each knug sparks. A user's overall sapience is based on the combined resonance across all of their knugs.

The resonance algorithms are always learning as you teach us what you know and as you learn what you don't. The more knugs that are created and shared, the more the knowledge grows in depth and breadth. The resonance quantifies the importance of the knug to the community.


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