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Are we ready for the multiverse?

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The stars are full of awe and wonder. Now imagine that our universe is just one among an infinite array. This great interview [1] with physicist Michio Kaku describing current thinking on how our universe is like an expanding bubble and how the shape of that bubble could be influenced by the gravity of other bubbles, that is, other universes. The collection of universes can be called a multiverse.

The part I enjoy thinking about the most is the difference between black holes and white holes and his description of an "umbilical cord" between them. The measurable variations of gravity provide a clear, and testable, path forward for this amazing idea. Kaku compares this paradigm shift to the Copernican revolution. Where once we went from thinking the Earth was the center of the universe, now it's possible our universe isn't even the center of anything. Humbling and awesome all at once.



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